"Searching for the Bridge"



Double "Dar" (2.S.N.T.). Driven by the elbows.
Double "Dar" (2.S.N.T.). Follow what retrieves!
Double Laan Sau to be executed during a 90 degrees rotation around the Core Line, with a forward pressure from rear leg.
Next two rotations to be 180 degrees around the Core Line, with a forward pressure from rear leg.

Coordination  DAR / WU  -  N/S E/W


Double Inside Fook Sau With elbows inside and forward, while fingers rotates to the outside.
Jeet Sau. Coordination of Tuk Sau and Jut sau. Three repetitions.
Fook Sau crosses Center Line to opposite shoulder line. To be coordinated with Wu Sau. Three repetitions. Third time - Sau Kuen instead of Wu Sau.
Rotate 180 degrees around the Core Line into Laan Sau, with a forward pressure from rear leg.

Rotation Test - Under Rotation!


Rotate wrists forward until arms are crossed in center (1.S.N.T.).
Bong / Wu. Execute Bong Sau during a plus 90 degrees rotation around the Core Line, until the elbow points slightly past "opponent's" Core Line,
while Wu Sau stays on the Attack line to prevent overrotation.
Rotate plus 90 degrees back to previous position with Laan Sau/Sau kuen.
Repeat twice.

The Outside Super String


From Sau kuen to DAR (2.S.N.T.) coordinated with Laan Sau to Sau Kuen.
Fark Sau drags 90 degrees rotation to IRAS.
Fook Sau (5.S.N.T.) to controlling Jam Sau (6.S.N.T.) to receiving Jam Sau (6.S.N.T.).

"Sau Kuen" arm to be placed on previous Jam Sau with fingers pointing forward. Coordinate Chaan Sau with Sau Kuen.
Huen Sau to Sau Kuen.

Huen Sau - (Side view)


Huen Sau to be executed with fingers rotating inside, while arm is fully stretched and elbow joint fixed towards the ground.

Lower the elbow back to Sau Kuen.


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