Set up 7 Joints


1a. Lower Joints - (IRAS):

Start with feet together and underarms parallel to the ground.
Move the hip forward while "Lifting"/pressing the navel backwards to the spine, resulting in slightly bended knees.
First rotate toes outside, then rotate heels outside, while maintaing the hip tension. Outer part of heels to be outside the shoulder width.
Maintain a slight tension in the stomach muscles, while breathing naturally.

1b. Higher Joints:

Lower the elbows forward with palms up till wrists are crossing in the Center Line.
Cut down into double crossing "Gaan Sau". Wrists presses via internal rotation the elbows outside to double Noi bong, and returns upon pressure release to previous starting crossing arms position.
Lower the elbows back to Sau Kuen.


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