Self Defense
The Real Deal

The Fighting section illustrates, describes and tests the actual result of the various prior Training Methods, in "real" stressed situations, preparring for use/fighting in an actual conflict.






It must be FELT
as well!!


" Wing Tsun is the general idea of the 7 Joints nessecary to control an attacker through the WT Lines via the Superstring Dar/Wu pressure, ensuring the natural Footwork angled by the Unit Circle wrist rotations, naturally powered by the optimal Closing/Splitting contacts defined by the frontality, the powerleg and the Gravity of course! "


Fighting via Wing Tsun drills into actual situations, is the end goal for the 20+ annual Wing Tsun Seminars, and during the daily Instructors Academy Course.


Find all Wing Tsun Seminars HERE.


Both with and without protection gere.

Fighting against more opponents is to be treated like many fights Mano Mano, however with a overall view towards the next attacker incl. starting strategy.



The Multiple Opp. fighting is required for the 10. Student grade.


The various kind of Fighting Drills represents the actual level you are aiming for!
The Lat Sau Structure leads to situation Drills which again leads to the Stress Drills.



Check Fighting Sub page HERE


With protection gere.

Full contact fight without any rules - 100%!!
No tricks - The raw truth.



The Fight Club is required for the 12. Student grade.


Both with and without protection gere.

The Drills from Lat Sau builds up and tests the structure neede for real impact.
This presents the basics nessescary for the next Mano Mano Situation Drills



The Lat Sau fighting is required for the 1. Student grade.


Both with and without protection gere.

"Good guy/Bad guy" - Scenario training preparing the body for various impact feelings, to be recognized in stressed situations.



The Mano Mano fighting is required for the 7. Student grade.


Without protection gere.

Here both contenders starts equally and there is only one scenario - WIN!
"Fightclub" without protection. The amount of force will be matched the two fighters level.



The Free Chi Sau fighting is required for the 10. Student grade.

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