Basic Superstrings
The three seeds  

There are only three possible natural/safe arm contacts in between two persons.
The schedule below indicates three positions on the Inside, the Diagonal and the Outside basic Superstrings when one arm isolated (Daan Chi Sau).

The various Wing Tsun Forms each in their own way indicates the Superstring positions farthest form the body (DAR - Punching), closest to the body (WU - receiving) and the neutral position - status quo - in between (WU - Controlling).

The Inside Superstring (Splitter):

Chaan Sau (DAR - punching) to neutral Taan Sau (WU - controlling) ending with Taan Sau (WU - receiving) closest position to the body.

The Diagonal Superstring (Splitter):

Chaan Sau (DAR - punching) to neutral Wu Sau (WU - controlling) ending with Wu Sau (WU - receiving) closest position to the body.

The Outside Superstring (Closer):

Fook Sau (DAR - punching) to neutral Jam Sau (WU - controlling) ending with Jam Sau (WU - receiving) closest position to the body.


Available Med. 2020



 The Superstrings 

‘Always maintain a constantly
forwarding pressure’

‘Outside too high -
A finger in your eye’

‘Inside too low -
No no no!!’

‘When two arms -
the Diagonal string
only protects/receives’

‘When two arms -
the Diagonal string
only protects/receives’

‘When walking i the dark -
    Arms will always stretch’

‘When two arms meet in a sudden impact,
the better structure will always prevail,
no matter the personal strength’

  Superstrings Combined
The Idea  

When two arms are combined, it will be a constantly floating combination of DAR / WU - Arms with either Outside, Inside or Diagonal contacts, however the Diagonal Superstring can only combine with the Outside superstring and will always be WU/protecting in its full lenght. The position at the Diagonal Superstring furthest from the body now becomes an Inside Fook Sau rather than the above Chaan Sau if only one arm.

When punching or meeting pressure upon contact, always seek/aim for the farthest "endpoint" at the Superstring whether it is a DAR or a WU position Closing or Splitting.
However when coordinating arms ( Neutral DAR / WU - "Chain Punches"), always allow the WU to receive/control, in order not to push the opponent away, by "bringing the body to the elbow" by the DAR pulse.
Never bring back the WU arm based on "eye Information" resulting in instant pressure loss and consequently - Total lack of protection.

When being frontal with double neutral/controlling contact from IRAS (Basic Poon Sau - 1.Sec.) (4.C.2.), it will be the Outside and the Inside superstrings with Bong Sau and Inside Fook Sau variations, in either double Closing or double Splitting contacts in order to maintain status quo.

When being in Fighting Stance, the rear leg/direction has been chosen (Applicated Poon Sau - 2.Sec.) (7.C.1.), and it will therefore be the Outside Superstring combined with either the Diagonal and Inside Superstrings, with one Closing and one Splitting contact either as DAR or WU.


  Superstrings Combinations
The System  

Coming up in the "Future".



d - 16 t - 35 m



Inside too low
no, no, no!!


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