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Dai Sifu Allan Jensen

Grand Master and Chief Instructor
WT Center/WT Scandinavia

Martial Arts career:

Trained Boxing for 2 years and briefly Shotokan Karate, Gensei Ryu Karate and Tai Chi.

In June 1976 Grandmaster Leung Ting visited Copenhagen with his assistant Sifu Allan Fong and gave a demonstration as a ‘warm-up’ at the danish premiere of the Bruce Lee movie ‘Fists Of Fury’.

Started training Wing Tsun in 1976 under his Sifu Ahmed Sharif, who up untill then had been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, but at that time switched to Wing Tsun and became Grandmaster Leung Ting’s private student and representative in Denmark.

In 1995 the Wing Tsun Instructors Academy was founded enabling students and instructors to train full time.

The number of Wing Tsun schools in Denmark also grew fast and in total tens of thousands of students have been taught, most well known:

Sifu Henning Daverne (currently teaches meditation and mindfulness) 1982 - 2007
Sifu Morten Ibsen (Chief instructor for Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun, Denmark) 1986 -
Sifu Kenneth Kyhe (Chief instructor at WingTsunKbh) 1987 -
Sifu Jørgen Riis (Jørgen Riis Wing Tsun) 1988 -
Sifu David Tvilling (Jung Soo Park, chief instructor for Korea, the Korean Wing Tsun Association) 1985 -
Sifu Kim Salomonsen (Chinese boxing and Vesterbronx Gym) 1993 -
Sifu Martin Brogård (Wan Kam Leung, Practical Wing Chun) 1995 -
Sifu Jesper Lundquist (Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun) 1992 -
Sifu Lars Murholt (Chief instructor at WT Center/Wing Tsun Scandinavia, Editor - Darwin Tsun) 2005 -

The vast majority of Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, Wing Tzun etc. teachers in Denmark are or have been students of Grandmaster Allan Enderberg Jensen.

In 2001 Grandmaster Allan Jensen was promoted to chief instructor for Scandinavia and WT Scandinavia was founded.

In 2003 WT Scandinavia left the EWTO and together with Dai Sifu Reimers (Wing Tsung), Sifu Benno Westra (currently of Wan Kam Leung, Practical Wing Chun) and Master Steve Tappin (Escrima Concepts) founded the World Martial Arts Alliance, WMAA.

In 2014 WT Center and the Wing Tsun Instructors Academy relocated to Østbanegade 55 at Østerbro.

In 2016 Release of darwintsun.com - Wing Tsun Encyclopedia.