Coordination of DAR / WU - with wrist rotation


Gaan Sau cuts down and forward in center. Place other arms wrist with fingers pointing forward, at the elbow joint.
Tut Sau with wrist rotations forward and down three times, with the arms switching positions.


Coordination of DAR / WU - Along Line of Gravity


Chain punches with Neutral Punch (farest from body) (DAR) (2.S.N.T.) three times, coordinated with the Controlling/Receiving arm (middle distance/closest to body) (WU) along Line of gravity. Last time the receiving arm lowers into Sau Kuen.


Huen Sau


Huen Sau to be executed with fingers rotating inside, while arm is fully stretched and elbow joint fixed towards the ground.

Lower the elbow back to Sau Kuen.

Repeat all the above sequences with right arm.



d - 15 t - 30 m



Punch - Move

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