"Searching for the Bridge"


Left arm crosses (Kam Na Sau) Center Line to opposite shoulder line.
Laan Sau crosses to opposite side, with arm 90 degrees away from body and with low elbow.
Bong geuk to be executed with ankle/toes and knee rotated forward and inside crossing the Attacking Line, during a 90 degrees rotation.



Bong / Wu to be executed right after Bong geuk and before landing. Bong Sau during a plus 90 degrees rotation around the Core Line, until the elbow points slightly past "opponent's" Core Line, while Wu Sau stays on the Attack line to prevent over rotation.
Rotate wrists forward until arms are crossed in center (1.S.N.T.), and execute Bong / Wu with following step.   “Set of with a punch” !!!
To be executed twice.

The Inside Super String


High Jam Sau during rotation. Chaan Sau (3.S.N.T.) during 90 degrees rotation to controlling Taan Sau (7.S.N.T.) to receiving Taan Sau (7.S.N.T.).

"Sau Kuen" arm to be placed on previous Jam Sau with fingers pointing forward. Coordinate Chaan Sau with Sau Kuen.
Huen Sau to Sau Kuen.

Huen Sau - (Side view)


Huen Sau to be executed with fingers rotating inside, while arm is fully stretched and elbow joint fixed towards the ground.

Lower the elbow back to Sau Kuen.