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1.A.1 - Siu Nim Tau


Siu Nim Tau - 1. Section

1.A.2 - Siu Nim Tau

Siu Nim Tau - 2. Section

1.A.3 - Siu Nim Tau

Siu Nim Tau - 3. Section

1.B.1 - "Chain Punches":

Always from Fighting Stance. Elbow starts in front of hip pointing towards the ground while shoulder remains back. Wrist in center before full stretching of arm via Line of gravity in a slight ascending angle. The other arm lowers simultaneously to starting position.

1.B.2 - Front Kick:

Always from Fighting Stance. Hip rotation starts a rear leg Front kick, and moves the heel in a straight line from the ground towards opponents Core Line. Front leg sets directly on ground after kick, and drags the rear leg into position due to knee tension.
Combine with 3 Chain Punches - 1. punch upon front leg landing, and 3. punch before or when rear leg sets.

1.B.3 - Chasing Step (Shuffle):

Always from Fighting Stance. Rear leg "full" foot stays on the ground during set of. Upon front leg landing, rear leg is dragged in place due to knee tension. Weight to equally divided at "both" legs during the full exercise.

PUNCH - MOVE !!! - “Set of with a punch”!!

1.B.4 - Pak Dar (Chaan):

Always from Fighting Stance. Pak Dar (Chaan) forward, with Chaan towards Core line and Pak towards opponents shoulder.

1.C.1 - Fook Sau  -  Daan Chi Sau:

From IRAS - A from Taan Sau - B from Fook Sau.

A attacks with Chaan , B reacts with Fook from IRAS Stance.
Alternative - With a step in.

1.C.2 - Wu Sau  -  Daan Chi Sau:

From IRAS - A from Taan Sau - B from Fook Sau.

A executes Dar , B receives/deflects with Wu ,and takes over the Attacking Line from IRAS Stance.

1.D.1 - Lat Sau - Basic:

From Fighting Stance - A from Chaan Sau / Fook Sau - B from Fook Sau / Chaan Sau.

A attacks with Chaan, B reacts with Fook/Jam (controlling) and Chasing Step either forward or backwards (Shuffle) depending on the pressure.
B's Jam creates room for B to attack with Chaan, and cycle continues as above. All attacks to test partners structure.

Change side - use Pak Chaan: (1.B.4) from opposite side and change leg to opposite Fighting Stance, to ensure having outgoing/incomming power along, rather than across the legs.

1.D.2 - Against hook from outside:

From basic Lat Sau (1.D.1).

Taan Dar and Chasing Step towards Hook.

1.D.3 - Against straight punch - Chaan Sau:

From basic Lat Sau (1.D.1).

Fook towards Core line.

1.D.4 - Against Neck Lock:




9 d, 13 h, 33m



If Elbow can't push,
then Pull

If Knife can't stab,
then cut