5.A.7 - Chum Kiu

7 Joints Structure - Chum Kiu 7.Section

7. Section

5.A.8 - Chum Kiu

7 Joints Structure - Chum Kiu 8.Section

8. Section

5.A.9 - Chum Kiu

7 Joints Structure - Chum Kiu 9.Section

9. Section

Unit Circle




5.B.0 - Huen Sau deciding Power Leg / Fighting Stance:

PUNCH - MOVE !!! - “Set of with a punch”!!

Elbow always starts the wrist in the UNIT CIRCLE !!!


5.B.1 - Balance Test:

Being pushed/punched backwards, regain balance by angling the body during consecutive Long Step's until Fighting Stance, is stabilized by rear leg.


5.C.1 - 1. Attack (Chaan):

From basic Poon Sau (4.C.2)

A attacks with Fook (0. Attack) while rotating forward, and lowers Bong elbow forward to Chaan /Taan. A's Fook stops due to B's Bong and converts into "high" Pei Jarn, releasing A's Chaan and following Short Step.


" 1." Attack

5.C.2 - Jam / Laan Defense:

From basic Poon Sau (4.C.2)

To avoid the above 1. Attack, B lowers Inside Fook Towards Fook, however due to Chaan pressure receives with Jam, while rotating/maintainting Center Control and performing Short Step. Other arm converts from Bong to Laan in order to avoid double Outside/Closing positions during rotation.

5.C.3 - Advanced - 1. Attack (Chaan):

From basic Poon Sau (4.C.2)

When detecting B's beginning Jam/Laan defense, A maintains Chaan /Taan structure and rotates/maintains Center Control with following release of "Advanced" 1. Attack (Chaan) prior to landing.

5.C.4 - Pei Jarn Defense:

From basic Poon Sau (4.C.2)

If A's Chaan forces Jam to the outside during the above Advanced 1. Attack, B rotates into Pei Jarn/Chaan and Long Step either forward (Chasing) or backwards depending on the pressure.

‘Action speaks louder than a thousand words’

‘One Dar does more than a thousand Wu's ’

5.D.1 - Lat Sau - Program 5.C.1 - 4 :


From basic Lat Sau (1.D.1).

If opponents Chaan is too high, attack by Chaan and "high" Pak/Pei Jarn to execute 1. Attack. Include when possible, the various defenses above.


d - 14 t - 29 m



Punch - Move

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