WT Lines




4.B.0 - Dar / Wu delivery/receiving Combinations:

PUNCH - MOVE !!! - “Set of with a punch”!!

To ensure optimal WT LINES - Dar must power Wu !!!

4.B.1 - Shuffle Step:

From Fighting Stance - Rear leg steps/rotates backwards, when being moved upon pressure at "rear leg side" of hip.


4.C.1 - Fook Wu Sau:

From IRAS - A and B from diagonal contact.

A attacks with Dar, B reacts with Fook Wu and Short Step, and "takes over" A's position.

7 Joints Structure - Siu Nim Tau 1.Section

4.C.2 - Poon Sau - 0. Attack (Fook):

A from Double Outside / Closing positions - Fook /Jam Sau (Neutral) and Bong Sau.
B from Double Inside / Splitting positions - Chaan /Taan Sau (Neutral) and Inside Fook Sau.

A attacks with Fook (0. Attack) and lowers Bong elbow forward to Chaan /Taan, B deflects by Bong, A's fook (to an inside Fook), and lowers Inside Fook wrist forward to Fook /Jam.
Repeat the sequence - Now B attacks with Fook


" 0." Attack

‘Action speaks louder than a thousand words’

‘One Dar does more than a thousand Wu's ’


4.D.1 - Poon Sau   to   Lat Sau   to   Poon Sau:

A presses B's Taan downwards, B reacts with Huen to Fook attack, while A executes Chaan attack. B reacts with controlling Jam, and possible Short Step either forward or backwards depending on the impact pressure. Continue with basic Lat Sau (1.D.1).

When or if contact with both arms - Continue from Poon Sau.

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