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Social Violence

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Asocial Violence

The art of Defusing

Defusing -
Approach when talking

Stance and Movement
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This is the dangerous stuff. These are the muggings, rapes, and murders.
The sociopath, there’s no social order game being played. This is completely outside the social order. This isn’t monkey stuff; this is predator stuff. You are simply a means to an end. Food to be devoured.

"Evil cannot be negotiated with"

There are two basic types of predators:

Resource Predator:
This predator uses you as a tool to gain something else. This is the hostage taker that holds you for ransom. This is the mugger that wants your property. He victimizes you to gain something else.

Process Predator:
This is the predator that does his crime because he enjoys it. The crime itself is the goal. This is the rapist. This is the serial killer.

Some indicators that you are in an asocial violence situation:

A Lack of Audience:
Because the situation is clearly a crime and the bad guy doesn’t want to get caught, he want’s as few potential witnesses as possible. It’s not about showing how bad as he is. It’s about getting what he wants from you.

Almost always a weapon present:
Many times, the weapon is used first as intimidation to get compliance from you. This is to prevent you from fighting back, running away, screaming for help, etc. Be ready for him to use the weapon at any time.

Isolated location:
This relates to the lack of audience principle. Have your awareness raised higher in isolated areas such as stairwells, vacant lots, parking decks, elevators, etc. look around and pay attention.

Concealed Body Parts:
Does the bad guy have his face concealed to prevent identification? Gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints? Hiding his hands behind his back or in his clothes to potentially conceal a weapon?

“The eyes may be windows to the soul, but the hands will kill you.”

Sometimes asocial violence is used to gain social status. Such as the gang member that murders someone to increase his street cred.

“If you're in dangerous places with dangerous people doing dangerous things, then you're in danger”

Again, awareness, detection, and assessment skills are critical. You can avoid a lot of bad situations by just paying attention. Don’t go to places that you know or suspect have a high level of criminal activity. Apply that principle to the time of day.
Your intuition is powerful, trust it.

Verbal defusing asocial violence is difficult; you must be ready to go pre-emptive when you still are in some kind of control.
Be aware if you are being forced or lured to go to a “secondary crime scene”, do not do this.

If physical violence is imminent and unavoidable; that’s when you must defend yourself. Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice.

“Prepare for the unthinkable, as though it was inevitable” (Ref. 5).


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