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When in a stressed situation our body releases a cocktail of hormones that will help us fight and run. A benefit is that your pain threshold will increase so that you will not necessarily fell the pain form a stab/cut/bullet.

People have died running after a fight, not knowing that they had been stabbed badly causing massive loss of blood. Don’t run all the way home although you feel you have the power.
Stop at the nearest safe place where the fight will not continue. This could be around the corner, but better behind a closed door. In a shop, in a flat, in a court yard, in a shop, get inside a staircase etc.

Call for help! by phone, or even better by people. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help, you need it.
If you are alone, follow these steps, if you have friends around you, let them do the scanning.

Sit down on the ground, if you have wounds, then you need to keep your head low.
Take of your jacket if you have one. Look at your hands, if they are bloody, dry them in your jacket so that you know if it is yours blood or from the fight.
Grasp both your arms for wounds, look at the hands – no blood = good!
Then to the same with your midsection, stomach. – no blood = good!
The same to your neck, head, back where you can reach if you are alone.
Legs and bottom as well.

If here is blood, then next step is to stop the bleeding. (Be aware - these lines doo not equal a first aid course; it is highly recommended that you get those skills in a separate course.)

Very few people are having a first aid kit on them all time. You can stop a bleeding with some of the stuff you always have with you. A wallet or a phone can be used to compress a wound, a plastic back etc. Socks can be used to compress/bind as well.
If you don’t have anything then your hand will do.

If a weapons/knife/nail/glass is still in your body, then don’t remove it. Try to stabilise the fragment and wait for the paramedics to remove it.


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If Elbow can't push,
then Pull

If Knife can't stab,
then cut