Pre-emptive Attack

Level of force





Prey vs. Predator

Warrior Mindset


"If you hurt me, I hurt you worse"

How you view and think about violence is also a very integral part of ridding yourself of the prey mindset. Too many people have the “it won’t happen to me” way of thinking. They tell themselves they don’t need to train, they will never get assaulted, they carry a knife, their spouse will defend them, etc.
Another group have “fight-fairy’s” to help them, they are sure that the “fight-fairy” will appear in times of need and help them because they know everything about fighting, but have never trained for reality.

You need to change your thinking process to “I don’t know what this guy has planned for me, but I know what I have planned for him”, or “If he tries ANYTHING to hurt me, I’m going to hurt him. PERIOD!”

Thinking processes such as these are the only way to go about approaching street violence. It’s kill or be killed out in the street. You have no time to waste thinking about failure. Have no mind. Go into it with a combative mentality and the ability to adapt to various attacks and situations. Spend no time think about the “what if’s.”

When you are forced into a violent situation, you are now the predator. Turn your attacker into your prey. Once you harness this ability and this mentality, you will know you have reached the point where you want to be.

You should not turn into a predator. You simply need to be a law-abiding citizen with morals and ethics who now also has the ability to seriously hurt any predator who wrongly chooses you as lunch. A predator is going to be able to sense this and will move onto an easier target.

Remember that predators don’t want to get caught, they don’t want to draw attention, and they don’t necessarily want to have a fight. They just want an easy victim and get away without any injury to themselves.

“ You never lived until you’ve almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the protected will never know” (Ref. 9)

Another very important point when making the switch from the prey mind-set to the predator mind-set is that you must develop your body and not just your mind. Your body is your temple and you only have one in this life time, so take care of it. Become as strong as you can with whatever means possible to the best of your ability. Just having strength alone is going to help you out big, regardless if you have combative training or not.

Compare good shape with bullet’s in a gun, if you are in good shape with a mental capacity for violence, then you have more bullets to fire. If you are in bad shape, then you maybe only have one bullet to fire.

With that said, you must train combative in a realistic form. Not all the time, this is a hard job for your psyche, but often enough to be familiar with your tools, de-escalations tactic, pre-emptive attack, nerves system release of adrenalin etc.

“Do not destroy yourself over the bad days. Take pride in you good ones and strive to constantly improve.
While it is acceptable to have a bad day, it is unacceptable not to train, not to try to get better,
not to use the resources available to make sure that what caused that bad day never happens to you again.
It’s all about prior preparation – preparation for warriorhood” (Ref. 10)

Remember to finish the job when you are training. No matter how many times you have failed, never quiet never give up. Keep fighting You are not dead, until you are dead, train to fight to the last drop of blood, no less.

"The willingness to use force usually means you won’t have to" (Ref. 11)

"Fear and fire are good servants, bad lords" (Ref. 12)


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