Pre-emptive Attack

Level of force





Prey& vs. Predator

Warrior Mindset


When a predator chooses to attack somebody, they need to close the distance between them and their prey. They will close distance a few different ways. They could come up from behind you or from your flank and blindside you with an attack and beat you to a pulp, to your death or just take your stuff, but most of the time a predator is going to use verbal ruse in order to verbally engage with their victim and close the gap while their chosen target is distracted by the dialogue.

They could use any kind of verbal language they want. They could start by saying “hey buddy, you got some money? I need some money for the pay phone.”

What you must recognize is that their intension is going to be congruous with their behaviour. Let’s say a predator asks you for some change to use the pay phone and you say “no.” A rewards, he’s not going to walk away saying “thank you very much.” He’s going to continue to talk and try to close distance so he must use abnormal human behaviour.

Let’s say you ask someone for a quarter to use a pay phone and the person you ask declines to give you any-thing. Normal human behaviour would be to say “ok, sorry to bother you,” or something along those lines and then walk away. Predators don’t do that. They try to keep encroaching to close the distance and when they are close enough they will launch their attack.

Most of the time predators aren’t alone. Much like animals such as wolves they’re going to hunt in packs. Remember that there are only a few assumptions you should ever make in a fight and they go as follows:

There’s always going to be more than one
They’re always armed
They always want to kill you

These are the assumptions you want to make and training for self-defence must have commonalities with these types of situations.

The predator is professional, he maybe has a career as criminal and it trained in mugging people, beating them up etc.
His training is completely 100% based in the reality of what he wishes to accomplish.

Once the predator decides to close distance on their target they have told themselves mentally that they will do whatever it takes to get away with their plan to attack you and once they decide to launch that physical attack, they will do so with a lot of rage, anger and with a lot of purpose and aggression.

Predators by nature are defective human beings. They don’t care about society. They don’t care about contributing. They don’t care about moral value or ethics or anything like that. This is their job. To hurt people. To test their methods daily and see what works.


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If Elbow can't push,
then Pull

If Knife can't stab,
then cut