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WT Center in Copenhagen is the headquarters of WingTsun Scandinavia
and the oldest Wing Tsun school in Denmark.



Introduction to Wing Tsun is for those, who wish to know more about Wing Tsun, before they start their training.

Please note that participating in a Wing Tsun Intro session is not a prerequisite for starting your Wing Tsun training, but it is a good idea.


See schedule for introduction sessions and videos HERE.

‘Many mile journey -
         Take first step’


These sessions are open to everyone.

A session usually starts with basic training - forms, kicks, punches, footwork etc.
Then, individual programs are practiced in small groups with other participants on the same level. Next, students do self-defense drills and end the session with functional training with pads or drills for strength and stamina.


Read more about Wing Tsun HERE

‘WT Center - the source of Wing Tsun in Denmark’

WT Advanced


Open to anyone holding 9th student grade and higher.

We practice all advanced forms and Chi Sau during these sessions, and we put them to the test with different fight scenarios. The sessions are always ended with free Chi Sau, Gwoh Sau and fighting - possibly in full gear.
These sessions are free of all physical activities (generally) - push-ups, squats, burpees, thousands of chain punches per minute - so older members (such as the instructors) can join in the fun!!!

‘Wing Tsun is Simple,
Direct and Efficient’

WT Fighter




Functional training, using pads etc. and high impact self defense training that prepares you for possible stressful situations - based on Wing Tsun, of course.




Every second Tuesday of the month, we open up for the possibility to try your skills at FighterClub.
We test ourselves in full contact situations in full gear.
For any member ready!!!.

         WT Center’

Wing Tsun Themed


These sessions are open to everyone.
These sessions highlight a theme within Wing Tsun. Subjects related to specific Wing Tsun forms, fight scenarios, structure tests etc. are highlighted and related to participants' individual student grades.
The subject is chosen on the day, based on participants or current WT Academy teachings.
Participants round up the session with their choice of full contact fighting, Gwoh Sau, free Chi Sau or functional/strength drills.
A session for the Wing Tsun nerds!

‘When you train,
      your skills evolve’

WT Instructors Academy


Wing Tsun instructors are made at the WT Academy and is a full-time education.
Tuition is not covered by a regular WT Center membership.

Contact Dai Sifu or Sifu Murholt for info.


Read more about the Wing Tsun Academy HERE.

‘300 years of experience
               in 40 weeks’

WT Women


A women's only basic Wing Tsun session.

We focus on self-defense and test situations of self-defense - physical and mental.
The session takes every participant into account. There are no prerequisites and there is no need to worry about physical shape or possibly imperfections.


Join our WT Womens' FB-group (search WT Kvinder) HERE

‘Wing Tsun is Simple,
Direct and Efficient’

WT Dragons


Wing Tsun for kids aged 7 to 15.
We train realistic self-defense, but also and as importantly practice drills that build self-confidence, motor skills and skills for handling conflict and stress.
We don't teach fighting, but self-defense as a last resort.


Read more about Wing Tsun Dragons HERE


Find our WT Dragons FB group HERE

‘Wing Tsun builds
self confidence’



Aikido teaches the use of throws and locking of joints.
When practicing Aikido, one learns to pacify the opponent using their own energy.
Sessions are taught without weapons (Tai jutsu) and with weapons - stick/sword (Bukiwaza).


Visit our Aikido website HERE

‘Same pattern - with or without weapons’

Remember !!


You are always welcome to join us for one free introduction/session.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, or simply come by for a chat at WT Center


See schedule for introduction sessions and our contact data HERE.

We look forward to seeing you at WT Center!



Dai Sifu

‘Many mile journey -
         Take first step’



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