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Sihing Nikolai Zoffmann

Instructor WT Scandinavia - 1. Technician Grade

Trained Judo, Jiu Jitzu and Shotokan Karate for several years.

2001 - Started in WT Center.

2016 - Wing Tsun Instructor - Tuesday evening class.

I originally started my career in martial arts practicing judo for some months, when I was 10 years old. It was exciting, but obviously not exciting enough! I therefore started training Jiu-Jitzu at Gentofte Budo Klub, which I trained from 1978-1980. Jiu-Jitzu is simply explained, part of a samurais martial arts, that he would use in battle, had he lost all his weapons. Jiu-Jitzu is unarmed martial art, using power principles to exploit the opponent's power against himself, using the least amount of energy possible.

At Kildeskovshallen, where Gentofte Budo Klub was practicing, there was a karate club at the time, and with my then 10-year-old eyes, it looked even more cool. I therefore started to practice Shotokan Karate in 1980, after convincing my parents that I did not plan to become a violent child for that reason! I trained Shotokan Karate until 1986, in this first period. Then I had a training break as a result of the normal development of life, and an growing interest in all the other things that life as a teenager contained. In the period until 1995, I had some shorter periods of karate training in different Shotokan clubs, but I did not start again until 1995, where I began practicing in Kazoku Karate-Do Kai, on Vesterbro. I was back to Shotokan Karate. Once a Karate-ka, always Karate-ka ...!

I trained until 1999 and ended up being graduated 1. Dan. A graduation supervised by Bura Sensie, who today is graduated 8. Dan, and the only non-Japanese member of Shotokan Shihankai in Japan, ever. After I had been without training for a few years, it gradually become a definite miss for me, not to train. In the meanwhile I had two children, and thought that it was time to resume "the fight." During a trip with the children in Frederiksberg Have, I had seen some people who trained WingTsun. I remember thinking that it looked a little silly. A bit like fighting without a real martial art style, but at the same time, those who practiced Wing Tsun looked pretty cool. My interest was at least aroused, and on October 11, 2002 I passed 1st grade, where both Dai-Sifu and Sifu Henning Daverne were present. It was an enormous leap into a different part of the world of martial arts, with a different technically and also, mentality approach. I remember that especially in the beginning, I was particularly fond of Sifu Henning's more spiritual and tradition-rich approach to training and fighting Wing Tsun. Probably because I had my roots in Shotokan Karate where this was an integral part of the training and an important part of the overall thinking. Today, I still consider it essential that You treat each other properly and with respect. Also when you hit each other! Without respect, there is no basis for reciprocity and understanding for each other as equal human beings, regardless of their current level of martial arts.

On June 12, 2016, I graduated 1. Technician under Dai-Sifu and Sifu Lars Murholt - a truly remarkable and important day in my life. And a day that I will always remember.

The journey in Wing Tsun's universe is happily expanding. It all grows in a sense as my personal understanding and insight grows. This despite the fact that my Sifu Lars Murholt, constantly decreases the complexity of Wing Tsun - right down to the core of simplicity.

For me, it's definitely the road that is the goal of WingTsun. And the goal is in essence, the road. Of cause it is an important and positive side effect - that along the way - on the road - you become a much better fighter who is actually able to defend himself, in a way that works in reality and real life situations.

I am truly grateful to Dai Sifu and to Sifu Murholt, for their inspiration in my life, and for making my journey into the world of martial arts, my Wing Tsun Do, such an inspirational one.



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